Toronto Area: 416-694-2698 - Toll Free: 1-888-694-2698

We are a PC and MAC based company. Please note the following guidelines when submitting your artwork:

Acceptable Graphic Program Formats

  • Adobe Illustrator (CS6 and lower)
  • CorelDraw v13 or lower (be sure to include all font files used in your design or convert any font/text to curves/outline

Acceptable File Types
.eps, .ai, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .bmp (minimum 300 dpi resolution). Please note that .jpg and .bmp formats cannot be used 
for some decoration techniques (laser etch, scratch engraving, sand blasting).

Unacceptable File Types
.doc, .ppt, .xls, .pub, .wpf, web graphics, faxes, photocopies

Helpful Hint
If you do not have your artwork available to meet our graphic requirements, you might check with your printing sources for business cards, stationary, etc. They use the same requirements and can possibly e-mail their artwork file directly to us.

Artwork Re-Draw
If workable artwork is not available, we do offer a re-draw service to re-create your design. Pricing is based on the complexity of the submitted design and can range from $20.00 – $100.00.